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Worked for Sinovt and Transaltion company for many years,I have had extensive document,manuals translation and interpreting,Desktop Publisher for various formate,APP &Website&vedio Game localization,movie audio caption, film and TV series translating,transcription and subtitling experience (including multiple fields). All of these facets of my language skills give me a complete, well-rounded, and balanced professional language background.⚫ Game Localization(EN> CH>JP>KR) Online games, Smartphone games, Game Manuals, Web pages, QA ,etc. ⚫ Economic Documents (KR>JP, CH>JP, JP>KR) Contracts, etc. ⚫ General or Legal Documents (KR<>JP, CH<>JP<>KR <>EN) Booklets, Web pages, Materials for tourism, Novels, Entertainments, film or video Subtitles, etc.

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