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Kotolingo Translations

Korean to Spanish (Spain) Localization specialist

Translation agency with a strong track record in gaming and product description translation

Dylan Porter

Spanish to English Localization specialist
from Brussels




ES/FR -> EN Translator specializing in Government, Politics, Journalism, and Social Studies.

Langpros Translation

Polish to Arabic Localization specialist
from Dubai

Over 20 years’ experience with tens of millions of words translated and over 200 large-scale interpreting projects completed Available 24/7 with team members in Europe, Asia and America What We Do: Legal Translations Technical Translations Marketing Translations Copywriting Interpreting Equipment Rental

Dilek Yildirim

English to Turkish Localization specialist
from Montreal




Verified by Localex


Russian to French Localization specialist
from Le-Puy-en-Velay




My native language is French, and I live in France. I studied foreign languages (English and Russian) at the university (Aix-en-Provence). I work with SDL TRADOS 2017/2019. I am motivated, punctual, accurate and can provide an efficient work.

WebTeachers (SIA Language School)

Korean to Romanian Localization specialist

We are the team of the language professionals, ready to provide the best quality language tasks - written translation, proofreading, subtitling, website and app localization. We specialize in Scandinavian, Baltic, European and major Asian languages.

Sofia Silva

English to Portuguese Localization specialist
from Ermesinde




My name is Sofia and I am writing to offer your agency my services as a translator from English and German into Portuguese (European). I have a BA in Modern Languages English and German and a Post-Graduation in Translation (law, health care and wellbeing, economics, literature, tourism). I've been working more in the filed of law, but I’ve already worked in the fields of healthcare and wellbeing, architecture, music, social service, literary…

Pintus Translations

Korean to Italian (Italy) Localization specialist
from Sassari

I've been operating as a Freelance English to Italian Translator for over 20 years. My main sectors are technical (IT) and literary (Sci-Fi, Fantasy) translations.

db Group International

db Group Business Solutions S.A.E. is a market-focused, process-centered company established to develop and deliver creative multilingual translation and content products, services, consultation and related activities to our clients. We smartly work to consistently outperform competition, generate predictable ROI and earnings for shareholders, and maintain a challenge-supporting environment for our team.

FLS Translation

Polish to English (USA) Localization specialist
from Huntsville

The team of linguistic experts at FLS has a proven, 40-year track record in managing multilingual projects. Our aim is to work closely with each client to meet their particular translation, interpreting, localization and document certification needs, applying quality guidelines throughout the process and delivering service you can trust. The FLS team boasts great expertise and skill in delivering world-class translation services.

Yasmine khanfir

English to French Localization specialist
from Nice




English to French Translator

Anna Becker



Highly motivated, structured and efficient professional interested in translation, proof reading, transcription or related work. Born and grown up in Germany, studied International Management (conducted in English). Moved to UK for Masters Degree in Business Management, working in translation sector for English and German companies since. Experience in translating web pages, apps, company contracts/instructions and information material. Transcribing video material. Proof reading thesis', legal documents, product instructions and a lot more. Always up for new challenges. If any questions, please let me know.

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Smartcat Marketplace FAQ

AI or human localization specialists: what is the best?
Both AI and human localization specialists have their own advantages and can be the best choice depending on the specific requirements and circumstances. AI Localization Specialists: 1. Speed and Efficiency: AI can process large volumes of content quickly, making it suitable for projects with tight deadlines or high volumes of text. 2. Consistency: AI can ensure consistent translations by following predefined rules and guidelines consistently across all content. 3. Cost-effective: AI localization can be more cost-effective for large-scale projects as it eliminates the need for human resources. Human Localization Specialists: 1. Contextual Understanding: Humans have a better understanding of cultural nuances, idioms, and context, allowing them to provide more accurate and culturally appropriate translations. 2. Adaptability: Humans can adapt to changes in the source text or project requirements more effectively, making them suitable for complex or evolving projects. 3. Quality Assurance: Human localization specialists can perform thorough quality checks, ensuring accurate translations and maintaining the desired tone and style. In many cases, a combination of both AI and human localization specialists can be the best approach. AI can be used for initial translations, followed by human review and editing to ensure accuracy and cultural appropriateness. This hybrid approach leverages the strengths of both AI and human expertise, providing the best possible localization results.
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How to hire a localization specialists on Smartcat?
To hire a localization specialist on Smartcat, follow these steps: 1. Sign in to your Smartcat account or create a new one if you don't have an account yet. 2. Once you are logged in, click on the "Find freelancers" tab on the top menu. 3. In the search bar, type "localization specialist" or any specific language pair or specialization you require. 4. You can further refine your search by selecting specific filters such as language, country, expertise, and availability. 5. Browse through the list of localization specialists that match your criteria. You can view their profiles, portfolios, and reviews to assess their skills and experience. 6. When you find a suitable candidate, click on their profile to view more details. You can see their rates, availability, and contact information. 7. To hire a localization specialist, click on the "Hire" button on their profile. This will open a dialogue box where you can enter project details, such as the scope, deadline, and any specific requirements. 8. Once you have provided all the necessary information, click on the "Send" button to send the job offer to the localization specialist. 9. The specialist will receive your offer and can accept or decline it. If they accept, you can proceed with the project and start collaborating. 10. Throughout the project, you can communicate with the localization specialist, track progress, and manage payments through the Smartcat platform. Remember to clearly communicate your project requirements, deadlines, and expectations to ensure a successful collaboration with the hired localization specialist.
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How much do professional localization specialists cost?
The cost of professional localization specialists can vary depending on several factors such as the complexity of the project, the language pair involved, the volume of content, and the level of expertise required. Generally, localization specialists charge either on an hourly basis or per word/page. Hourly rates can range from $20 to $100 or more, while per word/page rates can range from $0.05 to $0.30 or higher. It is important to note that these are just rough estimates, and the actual cost can vary significantly based on individual circumstances and negotiation.
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Can Smartcat help me find localization specialists for my project?
Yes, Smartcat can help you find localization specialists for your project. Smartcat is a cloud-based translation management platform that connects businesses with a network of professional translators and localization specialists. You can use Smartcat's marketplace to search for and hire qualified localization specialists who can assist you with your project.
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What are the benefits of Smartcat Marketplace for localization specialists?
Smartcat Marketplace offers several benefits for localization specialists: 1. Access to a wide range of projects: Smartcat Marketplace connects localization specialists with a global network of clients, providing them with a constant stream of projects to work on. This allows specialists to expand their client base and find new opportunities for work. 2. Efficient project management: The platform provides a comprehensive project management system that allows specialists to easily track and manage their projects. They can collaborate with clients, receive feedback, and make revisions in real-time, streamlining the localization process. 3. Increased visibility and reputation: By joining Smartcat Marketplace, localization specialists can showcase their skills and expertise to a global audience. This increases their visibility and reputation within the industry, making it easier for them to attract new clients and build long-term relationships. 4. Secure payment system: Smartcat Marketplace ensures secure and timely payments for localization specialists. The platform handles all financial transactions, eliminating the need for specialists to negotiate payment terms or chase after unpaid invoices. 5. Access to translation tools and resources: Smartcat Marketplace provides access to a range of translation tools and resources, including translation memories, glossaries, and machine translation engines. These tools help specialists improve their productivity and maintain consistency across projects. 6. Networking and collaboration opportunities: The platform allows localization specialists to connect and collaborate with other professionals in the industry. They can join communities, participate in discussions, and share knowledge and best practices, fostering professional growth and development. Overall, Smartcat Marketplace offers localization specialists a platform to find new projects, manage their work efficiently, enhance their reputation, and connect with other professionals in the industry.
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How does Smartcat AI translation work?
Smartcat AI translation works by utilizing a combination of machine learning algorithms and neural networks to automatically translate text from one language to another. Here is a simplified explanation of the process: 1. Training the AI: The AI model is trained using a large amount of bilingual data, including parallel texts and previously translated documents. This helps the AI learn the patterns and structures of different languages. 2. Preprocessing: Before translation, the text is preprocessed to remove any unnecessary elements, such as formatting tags or special characters. This ensures that the AI focuses on the actual content. 3. Sentence segmentation: The text is divided into individual sentences, as the AI translates one sentence at a time. This helps maintain context and improves translation accuracy. 4. Word alignment: The AI aligns the words in the source sentence with their corresponding words in the target language. This alignment helps the AI understand the relationships between words and phrases. 5. Neural network translation: The AI uses a neural network model, such as an encoder-decoder architecture, to generate the translation. The encoder processes the source sentence and converts it into a numerical representation, while the decoder generates the translated sentence based on this representation. 6. Post-processing: After translation, the text goes through post-processing steps to improve the quality. This may involve fixing grammar, adjusting word order, or applying language-specific rules. 7. Quality assessment: The translated text is evaluated using various metrics and quality checks to ensure accuracy and fluency. This helps identify any errors or areas that need improvement. 8. Continuous learning: The AI model is constantly updated and refined based on user feedback and new training data. This iterative process helps improve the translation quality over time. It's important to note that while AI translation has made significant advancements, it may still have limitations and may not always produce perfect translations. Human review and editing are often necessary to ensure the highest quality translations.
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