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Translation from French to Malagasy
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Ben Rabetafika
Ben Rabetafika
Madagascar, Antananarivo
About me
Your document will be translated with ACCURACY and with an IMPECCABLE WRITING STYLE. My translation is not a conversion of isolated words. It conveys the MEANING and TONE of the original text. I make sure to engage the readers and communicate to them on a personal level. I adjust the tone to suit the specific target readers. Contact me NOW, so we can discuss the detail of your project as well as your expectations. We will create terms suitable to your budget and needs.
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5:05 AM
Lila Hasinjazamarolahy Ratsimanohatra
Lila Hasinjazamarolahy Ratsimanohatra
About me
I majored in Accounting and Business Administration at a great college in Madagascar. Then, I worked for two months for a private cabinet as an intern accountant. I also have an English Language Certificate from an institution linked to the United States Embassy here, following 3 years of courses. I master English orthography, grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. Additionally, I’ve been working as a translator, interpreter and proofreader in an association for 5 years now. We receive articles and videos from our Headquarters in the United States in English, and translate them into Malagasy. We deal life stories, dramatizations, nature descriptions, reports, medical information, songs, and Bible-based counsels for every category of people. My French level is also excellent since I learned French as a second language. I currently work with some associates, and we offer freelance services: Translation, Writing and Transcription. Feel free to visit our website: https://virtuosomdg.net.
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5:05 AM
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