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Translation from Catalan to Lithuanian
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Aliona Prosniakova
Aliona Prosniakova
Spain, Valencia
About me
I started my career in Spain in 2001 as a Spanish language freelance translator collaborating with various Lithuanian and Spanish translation agencies. I have always worked in multicultural and multilingual environments. I have been working as an Intercultural Linguistic Mediator and I have an extensive experience as an Administrative/Translator at the Diplomatic Services. In 2013 I translated a part of the book “History of Lithuania” for Lithuanian presidency of the Council of the European Union. I have practice in translation, proofreading and editing legal and administrative documents. My working language pairs: Lithuanian<>Spanish, Catalan/Valencia>Lithuanian, English>Spanish/Lithuanian. I can certify my translations at the General Consulate of Lithuania in Valencia (Spain). I am a motivated, energetic, flexible, organized person and an active learner. I show determination to complete the tasks set before me in a timely and professional manner.
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Vilma Zitkauskaite
Vilma Zitkauskaite
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