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Translation from Bulgarian to Slovak

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Gabriela Durcekova
Gabriela Durcekova
Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad
About me
Good day! My name is Gabriela. I have worked as translator one year. My mother tongue is Slovak but I perfectly understand Czech because I was born in Czech Republic that is why I have not problems with translation connected with this language. Although I worked in this sphere not so long time I successed to translate documents in different themes. (by example I translated tax and legal douments). My main profession is accounting, so I will be happy to translate documents connected with my profession. I can garantee high quality of my work because there are professional English translators in my team. Thank you for your attention! I'm awaintig to help you with your projects!
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4:02 AM
Eli Kanova
Eli Kanova
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5:02 PM
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