An AI-powered platform for successfully building and managing translation teams

Stress-free management
Stress-free management
  • Assign projects in minutes, not hours
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive UI
  • Unlimited scalability thanks to our license-free policy
  • Get quotes for your (customers’) projects instantly
  • No need to split documents

Want a killer LSP package with a self-serve portal, automated quotes, and linguist quality tracking?

Want a killer LSP package?

Full overview of your assets
and vendors
Global Payments
  • Have your translation team at your fingertips
  • Find the freelance professionals you need in a few clicks
  • Get a clear overview of your projects
  • Centralized platform for TMs, glossaries, etc. for lower costs
  • Transparent project (timeline) estimations
  • Ability to create collaborative, multi-user workflows

Painless payouts
Global Payments
  • Zero paperwork and guaranteed tax compliance
  • Reduced operational costs by 80%
  • Transparent supplier billing
  • One-transaction cross-border payments to multiple suppliers
  • Automated payout processing