The most accurate, efficient, and flexible AI translation workflows, now with the power of GPT-4

Smartcat, the pioneer and leader in AI translation for top Fortune 500 enterprises, has launched a new experience with the power of OpenAI's GPT-4 to deliver the highest quality of translated content and industry-leading end-to-end workflows.

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AI translation now with GPT-4 gives you the most accurate and contextual result possible for the broadest range of content types


User-configurable workflows based on your unique needs provide a tailored translation experience


Adaptive AI that learns from your content and edits to make all of your translations near human quality

Trusted by the world's leading brands including:

The highest quality, context-specific translations–now with GPT-4

With AI Actions plus GPT-4 in Smartcat, you can achieve fully automatic content processing for precise results from the start, and make it better every step of the way by reviewing it in Smartcat’s collaborative environment with your team. You’ll speed up the end-to-end translation process by 10x, at a fraction of the cost, and with near human quality.

Save time on human editing with AI Actions

Configure quick AI Actions that cut down editing time for in-house or hired linguists.

Generative AI capabilities that enhance translations

  • Contextualize your translation based on subject matter or target audience (e.g. make it sound appropriate for healthcare professionals or lawyers)

  • Shorten or rephrase your translations with a click (to sound natural for Japanese/Korean/Chinese teens, etc.)

  • Experiment with variants of your translation (make it humorous or formal)

  • Explore gender awareness (male or female point of view)

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Why should you use Smartcat’s AI Actions?

Enhance your translation KPIs instantly

Smartcat’s AI Actions will improve automatic translation quality and get faster turnaround times with near human quality.

Be at the forefront of translation technology

With Smartcat’s AI Actions, you’ll be on the cutting edge of innovation and have access to the most advanced translation technology in the industry, at your fingertips, and delivered within an enterprise-class, data secure environment that is SOC-II compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access GPT-4 on Smartcat?

By filling in the form above, we will receive the notice that you’re interested in taking part and trying out our beta. We will get in touch with you via email to explain the next steps and how it works.

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Can I get a human linguist to review the GPT-based translation?

Yes! Smartcat is an all-in-one Translation Management System that has the largest global network of 500,000 vetted linguists for all verticals and industries. With AI sourcing, you can be matched with the best translators that fit your project and content requirements. Or, you can simply browse the Marketplace and use the filters to improve your search.
Finally, once you have the right linguist, it’s easy to invite them to verify GPT-based translations in the Smartcat Cat (Computer-Assisted Translation) Editor.
You also have the option of reviewing it yourself or asking your in-house team to do so.

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What features are available?

GPT-4 will be turned on in your Smartcat Editor, and you will see it via the lightning bolt icon as part of the top menu. You will gain access to all the features, including the ability to configure custom translation engines based on GPT-4 and AI Actions.  By signing up, you will get early notification about other newly released features.

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Do I need to pay to use GPT-4 in Smartcat?

You can use GPT-4 as with any other AI translation functionality that Smartcat offers. All of that is available for you as long as you have a Smartwords balance.  As a free user, you get up to 10,000 Smartwords a month if you register as a business. For higher volumes of Smartwords, you need to select one of our subscription tiers.

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How secure is Smartcat’s integration of GPT-4?

Smartcat is an encrypted, SOC-II-secure, and closed-loop platform. When using GPT-4 via Smartcat, OpenAI (the company that created GPT) won’t be able to use your content to train their AI, which would be the case if you used it directly.

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What are some reasons or best use cases for using GPT-4 on Smartcat?

The Smartcat GPT-4 integration is your way of configuring translations for even faster, higher-quality translation results. You essentially get AI translations that are very specific to your use case, subject matter, industry, and vertical.

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When do you plan to make these features available for all users?

At Smartcat, we believe that our clients should have access to some of the exciting innovations we work on, not to mention play an active role in shaping how they turn out. The same applies to our GPT-4 integration. After we have your feedback, we will release it to the general public.

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