The challenge: lengthy communications and site visitors lost

Small and midsized LSPs are burdened with the same old difficulties as global translation companies. They receive orders from their clients, and in many cases they have to contact the customer by email or phone as well. These are time-consuming interactions for everyone, and they significantly reduce your ability to turn website visitors into paying customers.

Worst of all, the phone/email contact takes longer than the interactions on your web site, so you end up with more email threads and less business. We’ve seen this happen many times and it’s no fun for anybody. As one of our LSP users says, “I don’t even want to think about how many hours of my time I spend on the phone and how much money I throw away in the process.”

Now, big translation and localization companies can afford several solutions to this problem. They can have a dedicated person answering phone calls; they can hire a call center; they can buy or even build a CRM tool for it. Small and midsize translation companies, on the other hand, are often lacking in resources to solve this problem. They’re bound to respond to every customer inquiry in their inbox.

How Smartcat Client Portal solves it

So what does Smartcat Client Portal do? In short, it lets small and midsize LSPs get the same results as big companies in a simple way. Quoting the already mentioned user, “It has been a game changer for us. The Client Portal has streamlined our operations and saved us a ton of time. I would go as far as to say that if we did not have the Portal, we probably would have already closed shop.”

It’s not surprising that he says so. On average the LSPs we’ve worked with would save at least 15 hours a week on phone calls and email correspondence. Instead of answering the same old questions over and over again, they can focus on the things that bring more value to their customers and grow their business faster.

And it’s not only about time saved: Smartcat Client Portal helps them get more sales as well. When a site visitor submits a document to translate via the portal, thy get an instant translation quote with a single click. There’s no need for them to fill out forms or contact anyone by email. Reducing the pain points and friction in the process is essential for getting more sales through your website.

How it works

Smartcat Client Portal natively integrates with your Smartcat account. Whenever a customer submits a document to translate via your website, it appears instantly in your Smartcat workspace. From there, you can assign it to translators, track its progress, and do any other tasks associated with the order.

The client will never have to deal with your team directly, either (unless they want to, of course). They can track the status of their order at any time without having to call or email you first. Once the order is done, they’ll be able to download the translated document. They will also see an invoice right in the portal, with clear instructions on how to pay you securely.

To make sure customers can submit orders in your language pairs and at your prices, you need to first configure the services and rates in your account. This usually takes no longer than ten minutes and doesn’t require any special knowledge. You can also download a template document that you can fill out with your service information and import it directly into your Smartcat account.

Here’s a quick video that shows you how Smartcat Client Portal works:

How much does it cost?

The best part about the portal is that it’s completely free to use. All you need is a Smartcat account (which is also free) and ten minutes to configure the service and rates in the portal. By default, the portal will be available at [your_name], but you can set it up on your own domain with a Rise subscription.


It’s time to stop reinventing the wheel. Smartcat Client Portal allows you to minimize the pain points and friction in the translation process by letting your customers submit orders directly through your website.

By giving your customers an easy-to-use and convenient experience, you’re not only saving time and costs; you’re also getting more sales, because buyers now have no reason to go somewhere else. All they have to do is visit your site, submit a document, and wait for the translation.

Ready to give it a try? Sign up with Smartcat, and you’ll be able to start using the Smartcat Client Portal immediately.