Outsourcing translation tasks is a fantastic way to save time and drive a cost-efficient translation process. The trouble is in finding a good german translator. Until you start working with one, you can’t really tell what to expect in terms of time management, quality of the text, and the reliability of the person overall. Checking social media helps, but not much. Some freelance german translators will simply copy-paste a machine translation from Google Translate, unwilling to translate a word of it personally.

In this short article, you will learn how to hire a german translator for English to German language pair in your specific domain, what traits and signs you should be on the lookout for, and see our own selection of specialists available in the Smartcat translator marketplace.

An ideal candidate for a project can speak german (duh!), has a number of visible signs that they are an active user on the platform, fulfill their orders in a timely manner, and do so with a quality approach. In Smartcat, you can see these signs when browsing for the English to German translators directory.

The number of projects and the number of words translated

With the help of this statistic, you can see how many projects the translator (or the translation company) has completed, and their overall size. One such notable example for English to German translation is Philipp Wacha, with a whopping 1.2mln words and 1995 successful projects done so far.

Services provided

Pay good attention to what kind of translation services a freelance translator can offer. Depending on your requirements, you can hire the same person for localization, transcreation, proofreading and editing, copywriting, post-editing, and so much more. Of course, it’s best when a translator has a narrow specialization, but some skills will be complementary to their work, depending on the scope of your own project.


To get a quality translation for a text in a given industry and possibly up-to-date with the German market itself, it’s always best to select translators that have a lot of experience in it. It will help both the quality of translation to English from German and vice versa, as well as the speed of delivery.

Deadline compliance

This metric in Smartcat measures if the projects are delivered before the set deadline and not after. Select translators that consistently meet their deadlines in order to ensure project delivery in a timely manner. This rating is based on customer reviews and is rated from 1 to 3 stars. 100% compliance with deadlines means the freelancer has not failed to meet even a single one of them.

Tested badge

This badge shows that the translator has successfully completed one or more tests in relevant domains given by the Smartcat team before being assigned to a project. When you want to select a number of translators and see if they’re qualified to translate your texts from English to German language and vice versa, you can send us a message (or fill in a form). We will test them based on a sample of text from your project. The translators will not be paid for this, but instead, they will get this badge. You can grade the translation quality and select the desired translators for your team. You can learn more about this system here.

100% Quality rating

This rating is based on customer reviews left for a particular freelancer. If all the reviews about the translation quality are at 3 out of 3 stars, the translator’s profile will have a 100% quality rating. It’s a sure sign this person has not let anyone down and keeps the mark of high quality in their work.

Last seen time

With the help of this indicator, you can see if the translator in question is online right now or what was the last time they’ve logged into Smartcat. Select active professional translators that pay full attention to incoming orders.

Top 10 English to German freelance translators to hire

Let’s save you some time picking a decent native german speaker - here’s the crème de la crème of the English to German language pair available for hire in Smartcat:

Phillip Wacha

Andrea Marolt

Theodore Goumas

Adrian Probst

Alexa Broek

Caroline Wolf

Aydanur Cevik

Raphael D Thoene

Julia Tarach

In need of translators for other language pairs?

It’s not all about translation or interpretation of German or English language! Smartcat Marketplace is a database of translators for just about any language pair, vertical, and price point. Be sure to visit it and select a specialist, or simply post a job to see what kind of talented language specialist can aid you with your project today!

Thanks for reading, and see you in Smartcat!