Smartcat freelancers will get a discount on TAUS’s post-editing courses and a special profile badge for passing them. This will provide Smartcat customers with access to post-editing services with a quality mark in this booming but somewhat shaky submarket.

Post-editing machine translation may be the most misunderstood profession in the translation industry. On the one hand, there’s an ever-growing demand for it from customers, who see it as a way to localize at higher scales and lower prices. On the other hand, the illusory simplicity of post-editing a machine translation — which gets better and better every year — makes the supply side swarm with people who are far from being qualified for the job and thus provide substandard PEMT output. TAUS is one of organizations that aim to better the situation. It does so by researching and publishing best practices, holding events, and giving extensive courses that help translators “become confident, commercially viable post-editors.” Smartcat, in turn, has millions of words post-edited through its platform monthly, and knows very well the quality challenges involved.

Giving access to proven-quality post-editing services would greatly increase customer satisfaction.

That is why Smartcat and TAUS joined forces in a partnership that will work as follows:

  • Every Smartcat freelancer with a 100% complete profile gets a 60% discount on TAUS’s post-editing courses with the following promo code: Smartcat-TAUSeLearning18.
  • Successful participants will get a TAUS Certified Post-Editor badge in their Smartcat profiles.
  • Customers will be able to filter freelancers by that badge in Smartcat’s post-editors marketplace, and it will also affect freelancer ranking there.

Thus, freelancers who are serious about their post-editing ambitions will get a chance to distinguish themselves at the oversaturated PEMT supply side, while customers will be able to expect “TAUS-backed” quality in jobs done by such freelancers. The partnership will serve three purposes:

  1. Help freelancers learn a new, highly demanded profession.
  2. Allow customers to use post-editing services of certified quality.
  3. Sanitize the PEMT market, encouraging collaboration instead of contention.

Natalya Yurchenko, Product Manager at Smartcat

“TAUS’s post-editing course is awesome and available in many languages pairs, so we’re thrilled to be able to offer it to our freelancers at a significant discount. This allows us to give a unique value proposition to our customers who want to provide PEMT as a service: Smartcat is already seamlessly integrated with a dozen MT engines, and combining that with a marketplace of certified-quality post-editors brings about a new era of productivity and quality in localization projects.”

Jaap van der Meer, Director at TAUS

“The​ TAUS eLearning Platform has been launched to deepen the translators’ understanding of 21st-century automation. Our collaboration with Smartcat is, therefore, a great opportunity for any language professional who is willing to align with the industry expectations and have a strong presence in the freelance marketplace.”

We will keep you posted once we have more concrete details to share. Stay tuned by following our blog!