Smartcat News Digest: December 13, 2019

Welcome to the first edition of Smartcat’s brand new News Digest! Every so often, we’ll bring you a handpicked selection of recent news items in the translation industry. Whether you’re an LSP, agency, translator, student, or simply interested in the world of translation, we hope you enjoy our quick updates about the latest developments in the business.

Google discontinues the Google Translator Toolkit

Just over a decade since its release back in June 2009, Google has finally said goodbye to its web-based CAT tool, citing other “great tools available” as part of the reason. The product was created at a time where there were limited options available but GTT never really took off in any meaningful way and had significantly declined in its final years, perhaps because Google’s main focus has always been machine translation rather than the tools human translators use — a market which other CAT tool providers have cornered successfully. Read our editor-in-chief’s analysis of Google Translator Toolkit’s demise.

PayPal head of localization: Focus on data and tech to prepare for the future

Head of Localization Technology at PayPal Michal Antczak spoke about localization in the connected age at the recent SlatorCon in Amsterdam. He urged LSPs to become more data-driven and focus on speaking their clients’ language, i.e. performance and results. Instead of talking about quality translations, low cost and speedy delivery, LSPs need to talk about performance indicators, metrics, and the specific goals of their clients. Get more info about Antczak’s presentation at SlatorCon.

BLEU: Time to revisit MT metrics?

In an opinion article for Slator, Seyma Albarino reflects on whether the BLEU score — which has been used since 2002 to measure machine translation quality — is becoming outdated. Packed with insights from industry experts such as Mathias Müller and Marcin Junczys-Dowmunt, it’s a worthwhile read for anyone interested in machine translation and translation tech in general. Read here.

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