Phew, what a year that was! Investments, partnerships, new features — we could go on for ages. But this year, we decided to take a different route and talk about the people that made these successes a reality. Employees. Customers. Translators. Partners. Integrators. Our goal is to make the translation industry better for everyone, and this is only possible if we put people in the focus of everything we do. Here’s our thank-you message to you all:

Our first thanks go to our partners — translation companies who not only use Smartcat, but use every occasion to spread Purple Love across the globe, gaining new clients as well as our full support in the process. There’s already more than fifty of you — let’s make it 500 next year!

With special thanks to:

Biraj Rath
of Braahmam

Translation companies often shy away from “sharing” their freelancers with other companies. But not Biraj and Braahmam, who have made hundreds of their vetted linguists available for other users directly in the Smartcat marketplace!

Thumbs up for your openness and Brahmanic wisdom, Biraj!

Christian Faust of Faust Translations

Father-and-son team, Christian and Thomas Faust, not only have grown their presence on the platform by three times this year — up to almost 500,000 words per month! — but also never shy away from saying a good word or two about us.

Thanks for accepting us into your extended family, guys — Prost!

Big League

This year we were excited to see more top industry players joining our purple forces. Apparently, even they get tired of paying boatloads of money for software licenses and enjoy the freedom they get on Smartcat. Thanks for the trust, guys. We won’t let you down!

With special thanks to:

Don Shin of 1-StopAsia

Don is the founder and CEO of 1-StopAsia, one of the largest language service providers in the world. The company has increased its usage of Smartcat more than tenfold this year and currently translates more than a million words per month on the platform.

Thanks, Don and the team — and we can’t wait to see you climb even higher in the CSA list next year!

Leonid Glazychev of Logrus IT

A long-time friend of Smartcat and advocate of our joint values, Leonid never shies away from touring with us around the world and speaking about the amazing things Logrus IT has managed to achieve with the help of Smartcat.

Thanks for your ongoing support, Leonid — and power to the bow-ties!

of Smartcat.

Thanks for your ongoing support, Leonid — and power to the bow-ties!

Small but Strong

Small LSPs love Smartcat, and we love them back! There’s already several thousand nano-, micro-, and midsized LSPs navigating our ecosystem. They are both customers to the 200,000+ freelancers in our marketplace and vendors to other LSPs and end customers who find them via Smartcat. We’re thrilled and honored that we can help you compete on par with the big guys!

With special thanks to:


While some translation companies are just starting to explore all the features of Smartcat, US-based LSP, Expedited Translations, already uses it to the max. Not only have they translated more than a million words this year — three quarters of them were assigned, translated and paid via the Smartcat marketplace!

Now that’s a zeal, Ezequiel! (Let’s make it 100% in 2019 ?)

Virginia Monti of Gyglio

Take twelve trusted freelancers in different language pairs, get together on Smartcat, and start storming the industry together as a team. “Our whole endeavor would be impossible without Smartcat,” says co-founder Virginia Monti. “It’s the only platform that could give us all the tools we needed to function as a full-fledged language service provider.”

We wish Virginia and the team good luck and plenty of work in 2019!

End customers and integrators

Although LSPs make up the majority of our users, those non-industry-related companies that we do have as users are truly badass! They test and tweak our APIs, discuss all kinds of scenarios with our product team, and generally gives us a hard but super-fun time. Thanks for this, guys, and never stop challenging us!

With special thanks to:

Sergey Polikarpov of 1C International

Sergey and his team provided us with a terrific example of how much localization automation impacts your bottom line. By upgrading an outdated, non-localization-ready system with the help of Smartcat, the company was able to cut their costs by 78%!

Keep optimizing, Sergey. We’re sure you can make it at least 80%! ?

Natalia Pavlikova of Xsolla

Some companies take their time learning Smartcat and developing their mastery of the platform. Led by Natalia, Xsolla’s localization team went all the way from using Smartcat for smaller jobs to integrating it with their in-house CMS in a continuous localization workflow.

Looking forward to new challenges in 2019, Natalia, and can’t wait to hear you speak at LocWorld39!

Konstantin Savenkov
and Grigory Sapunov of Intento

If you ever want to blame someone for the rise of the machines, blame Konstantin and Grigory. Thanks to integration between Intento and Smartcat, we can all now enjoy a dozen new machine translation enginesin Smartcat, including the booming new DeepL platform.

Thanks for all the tweaks, guys, and let’s keep them coming in 2019!


Freelancers and translators in general are the blood that runs in Smartcat’s veins. Without you, there would be no Smartcat. We want you to know that we are genuinely grateful to each one of you for your making the magic happen!

With special thanks to:

Ricardo Rivas

With more than half a million words translated this year, Ricardo is our 2018 wordsmith champion. “Smartcat customers keep me busy every day, and I don’t have to spend time finding them,” he says. “So it’s easy to be productive. All you have to do is translate ?”

Sounds like a great motto for 2019, Ricardo!

Frank Nielsen

Sometimes the ones giving you the hardest time are the ones who care the most. This couldn’t be more true for Frank Nielsen, who has sent us over 150 — that’s right, one hundred and fifty! — feature requests and bug reports this year; all with impeccable reasoning and laudable restraint.

Thank you for your patience and insistence, Frank — don’t let us rest on our laurels!

The Team

Last but not least, the wonderful people that make up Smartcat. Those who develop, design, manage, market, sell, and lead — more than a hundred people already! Each one of us is a living cell that turns Smartcat into a well-functioning, living organism. Let’s keep it up in 2019!

With special thanks to:

Benny Orr

Benny’s addition to Smartcat’s team cannot be overstated. A veteran of the industry who has worked in an executive position with the world’s largest LSP, he knows how to — and already does — make Smartcat even better for big translation companies.

Baruch Haba Lamishpacha, Benny!

Dwayne Ernest

Coming from ultra-fast-growing startups EverQuote and MageMail, Dwayne surely has a card or two up his sleeve to drive similar growth for Smartcat and reinforce our North American forces. With Sima Vance as Head of Digital and translation technology advisor Jeff Weiser, we’re excited to watch the dream team in action!

Can’t wait to see some more magic in 2019, Dwayne! ?

Nadia Avdanina

Nadia came to Smartcat from one of the largest banks in Russia where she had “agilified” the whole engineering and project management organization. She has set herself an ambitious goal of growing our R&D capacity tenfold — which will definitely help us in the face of growing user base and customer demands.

Well, let’s roll up our sleeves and give the users something tasty in 2019! Shall we, Nadia? ?

Masha Nikiforova

Have you noticed how much more consistent our voice has become over the last six months, with regular new posts, articles, and videos highlighting our latest updates? Masha is the one to thank for this and for helping you stay up to date with all of our developments.

Masha, you’re a great manager and boss — says the bloke who wrote this. Keep on rocking! ?

And, finally, You!

One of the first things any company does marketing-wise is to profile its target audience into “personas”. Funnily enough, we’ve had a real hard time doing this at Smartcat! This is because the boundaries among all these categories — LSPs, freelancers, partners, integrators — are blurry in our case, and we don’t want to build a wall. A freelancer decides they want to build a team, and suddenly they’re an LSP. A partner decides they want to build an internal system based on our API, and voilà, a month later they become integrators. An LSP project manager decides they love Smartcat so much that they want to join the team. We could go on and on.

This lyrical digression is meant to say: We thank you, for everything you’re doing on the platform, whatever that is exactly. In these final days of 2018, let’s remember that regardless of our profession and occupation, we are all in this terrific industry that brings people closer to each other across cultures and continents.

Cheers, and let’s keep making translation magic happen in 2019!