It’s hard to choose a gift for someone who is already gifted — and translators are! We thought hard, and decided that the best gift would be the one of knowledge! That’s why in this festive issue of Smart Ways we are giving you not one, but five amazing webinars.


You may have heard of Smartcat Academy — our effort to bring together the best courses, webinars and tutorials for translators. Today we are glad announce the first five of them that will be taking place every Thursday from January 12 to February 9. Read to the end and register for the ones you like!

Smartcat Freelancer Essentials

I will be giving this one myself on January 12, and it will be based on the 10-minute video course with the same name. This time it will be less hasty, more deep, and without the jovial music playing in the background. I recommend this webinar for anyone who wants to get a grip on modern CAT technologies.

From Zero Clients to Fully Booked in 6 Months

Is it possible to work full-time 6 months after starting out as a freelancer? Translator Una Dimitrijevic claims that it is! She has written an article outlining the steps on our blog and will be giving a full-fledged course on Smartcat Academy. On January 19, Una will be giving an introductory webinar for the Fully Booked in Six Months course.

Getting Started with Social Media

Simon Akhrameev is the creator of Successful Freelance Translators, a community of almost 2,000 freelance translators that he has managed to grow in less than a year. On January 26, Simon will be giving a webinar where he will explain how to become successful in today's social networking environment.

Freelancers to Entrepreneurs

On February 2, we will be giving our first webinar for aspiring #translapreneurs! Our mentor will be Cherie Plaice of Wordfish Translations, an agency that will celebrate 30 years in the business in 2018. Cherie has long used “Translation Entrepreneur” as her job title, so she’s a perfect fit for the position!

Introduction to Marketing Translation

Finally, on February 9 we will sit together with Tanya Quintieri to talk about marketing translation. Having built a successful brand and several thriving online communities, Tanya surely does know how to engage people through writing — which is the main driver in marketing translations!

So here are our gifts. If you liked any — or all — of them,

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And make sure to come refreshed and ready to rock after the holidays. Smart Christmas, folks!