Localization management – 4 Smartcat updates that will boost your game

To run one or multiple localization projects successfully you need to build a flawless workflow where all parties involved (e.g., translators, proofreaders, editors, etc.) can work together in synchrony.

A critical part of this is having full control of every step of the process, from selecting your service suppliers and assigning the translation tasks, to final approval and quality assessment.

But having full control doesn’t mean you need to handle every single part manually, which is why the Smartcat Team has been working hard to throw automation into the mix. Now you can streamline your translation processes by simplifying or even getting rid of some of the more repetitive, mundane tasks.

Check out our November updates that will let you:

  • See all your team members on a single page with a clean design;
  • Get an estimation of your service providers’ capacity,
  • Create translation quality assessment projects quickly and easily,
  • Automate vetting your candidates.

Read on to get more details!

Access all team info on the revamped Team Members page

Wouldn’t it be awesome to know what your localization team members are doing at any moment, and to be sure that all tasks get done on time? Well, we’ve redesigned our Team Members page to help you do this by keeping track of everything in a single location.

Access all team info on the revamped Team Members page

Here’s what you can see on this page:

  • Names, emails, ratings, and scope of services,
  • Vendor capacity (in words or pages) for a time period: this week, next week, this month, next month, and this year. You can also check any vendor’s workload (calculated as a percentage of the specific period’s average) and ratings, get an idea of their availability, including any vacation dates, and get an estimated task completion deadline.

With this data, you can avoid wasting time reaching out to vendors that aren’t available or already have a full workload. It also lets you quickly find contractors for urgent assignments as well as manage deadlines more effectively. Besides that, you can speed up your search by filtering vendors by a variety of parameters, like time zone, rates, languages, subject-matter competence, etc.

Keep tabs on translator availability

Now, let’s dive deeper into capacity and availability. Unfortunately, we can never be sure if a freely available supplier will be the best or the quickest option for what we need. That’s why we’ve developed a new capacity calculation system. It allows you to predict the likelihood of a given vendor meeting a deadline and getting an estimated project fulfillment date.

We make our calculations based on the availability data on freelancer profiles and compare this with a specific freelancer’s current capacity and average daily productivity.

We also mark some freelancers as unavailable based on their profile data, current status (e.g., Busy), and if they haven’t logged into Smartcat within 2 weeks.

These estimations will let you quickly find vendors you can trust to complete tasks within strict deadlines and helps you ensure all other stakeholders keep within the same time frame. However, these guidelines are not meant to be restrictive. For example, a freelancer with a ‘Busy’ status may not be ready to take on new tasks at the moment, but you’re still welcome to assign tasks to them if the estimated deadline suits your needs.

Optimize translation quality and streamline localization testing with LQA assistant

Translation quality assessment is a complicated and sensitive process that requires a deep understanding of what metrics to apply and strong editing skills. We decided to introduce some automation into the procedure. Our new LQA assistant lets you:

  • Select the quality criteria,
  • Decide how often you want to test a specific translator,
  • Get a badge notification when quality assessment is complete,
  • Create LQA projects and assign them to editors.
Optimize translation quality and streamline localization testing with LQA assistant

All that’s left for you to do now is receive the assessment results and make the best picks for your tasks.

This option comes in especially handy when you’re running a continuous localization project with many vendors and stakeholders, as the new functionality helps you weed out the weaker suppliers without having to get third parties.

Test your candidates to select the best resources for your projects

Regardless of a vendor’s rating, it’s always a good idea to have them tested before assigning an important or sensitive task. Our final feature lets you request a small free translation to the first 100 translators on your list of potential suppliers.

Test your candidates to select the best resources for your projects

A quick and easy way to find a match for your project, don’t you think?

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