Top learning and development conferences in Q3 and Q4 2022
Top Learning and Development Conferences in Q3 and Q4 2022

Whether you’re back in your fully equipped office or still working from home in your pyjamas, there are plenty of events for you to attend before the end of the year.  

But before we jump into our list of carefully selected events for the summer and autumn of 2022, here are a few reasons why you should attend such gatherings.

Why attend?

  • Keep up with the trends. The area of learning and development is a living organism – there are always new and evolving trends, methods, and approaches to learn from.
  • Get insights from the experts. Conferences give you the opportunity to ask questions that relate to your business and your career, and you can get answers from the experts themselves.
  • Share real experiences. Some useful practices arise from people’s own experiences and discussing these with other industry players can be helpful for everyone involved.
  • Build connections. Spending time with those who share the same challenges is a great way to learn and develop ideas, as well as establish lasting professional and personal relationships.

And now, as promised, here are the conferences we’ve selected for you this year .

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Learning and Development Conferences in Q3-Q4 2022


Date: July 18–19, 2022

Audience: Instructional designers, training managers

Location: San Antonio, Texas, United States

Price: $995

Core 4 is the premier foundational training and development conference where you learn the fundamentals of instructional design, training delivery, and facilitation, evaluating the impact of solutions and learning technologies.

ATD Government Workforce

Date: September 8, 2022

Audience: Learning and development practitioners, HR and organizational development professionals

Location: Washington, D.C., United States

Price: $249-749

ATD’s Government Workforce is an annual event that focuses on various talent development, organizational development, and human resource-related topics. This conference is for professionals in the public sector who are interested in learning more about trends and tactics in training and development, management, and leadership.

Training Magazine’s TechLearn Conference 2022

Date: September 20–22, 2022

Audience: CLOs, L&D VPs, eLearning managers, instructional designers and developers, training and development practitioners

Location: Austin, Texas, United States

Price: $1,295 - $1,595

The TechLearn Conference is the annual learning technology conference for trainers and eLearning professionals.

Themes include eLearning, mobile learning, social learning, adaptive learning, emerging technologies, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, virtual classrooms, games and simulations, and instructional design, as well as development techniques, platforms, and tools, plus strategies for implementation and measurement.


Date: October 26–28, 2022

Audience: CLOs, L&D VPs eLearning program director and managers, instructional designer, eLearning developers, learning architect or engineer, corporate training and development executives.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Price: n/a

The DevLearn Conference & Expo is an event that shapes what’s next for the future of learning. It is where the entire industry gathers to share and learn about innovative thinking and emerging technologies, explore the possibilities they present, and define how they can drive innovation within our industry, our organization, and our learning.

Don’t miss a thing

While you’re deciding what conferences to attend, here are a few simple tips  to help you make the most of any of these events.

  • Be an early bird. Try to do everything, from registration to arrival, in good time. That will not only help you save money on your ticket,but also get you the best seats and put you in a good position to get your questions answered by the speakers.
  • List your must-dos. It’s very difficult to stay on top of everything while you’re living it in the moment. Try to plan your focus points ahead of the event so you don’t miss a thing: mark the sessions you want to attend in the program,  plan who you’d like to talk to, and write down any questions you want to ask.
  • Don’t stop at closing time. The only experience that matters is the experience you put into practice. So, after the conference, don’t forget to follow up with the connections you’ve made, share the lessons learned  with your colleagues and on social media, and make an action plan for your team.

And, most important of all – have a great time!

Daria Andronova
Daria Andronova Content Expert at Smartcat