CSA Research has recently published an article highlighting how Smartcat has spent the last few months working hard to enhance its all-in-one translation management tool.

When giving up your old CAT tool is not an option

The independent market research firm for the language services and technology industry emphasizes how Smartcat has always been a hit with users looking for a management system with its own powerful CAT tool. But it also says it has had a harder time convincing those who are unable or unwilling to part with their own CAT tool. Until now.

Smartcat has recently introduced some game-changing features that make it much easier for LSPs to use any CAT tool while enjoying the full capabilities of Smartcat’s streamlined workflow and business management ecosystem. One that stands out is that users of paid subscriptions can now enter a URL and have a website’s content parsed by Smartcat and uploaded into the system. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Improved UI, white labeling, and customized reports

Other recent changes to the Smartcat platform that CSA Research mention include enhanced user interface and white-labeling functions, easier quoting and invoicing, and improved report customization. The already comprehensive system is now even more all-encompassing, making hosting the entire project life cycle within the platform easier than ever. (Don’t forget you can use Smartcat as a TMS, a freelance marketplace, and a payment automation system as well as a full-fledged CAT tool.)

Smartcat: a remote and productive team

Smartcat CEO Ivan Smolnikov explains how the lockdown has not disrupted Smartcat’s software development plans: “Since about 60% of our team was already working remotely in four countries, we thought we were already remote.” In fact, the engineering team was so productive during quarantine that they preferred to continue at home after restrictions were lifted. Talk about making the best of a bad situation!

Read the full article by CSA Research to see how Smartcat has made translation management even simpler for businesses and LSPs.

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