Smartcat’s special anti-crisis offer for freelancers

Smartcat has always provided its core technology stack for free to freelancers. This will not change — Smartcat's tech stack will remain free for you, always, as well as our marketplace being an excellent place to acquire new business.  

The issue that most concerns our freelance users during this economic downturn is confidence in timely payments.

Here is what we have to offer:

  1. Payment Insurance by Smartcat for projects contracted through and carried out on the Smartcat platform.
  2. Prioritized Payment. Guaranteed payment within 30 days of project completion regardless of the standard payment schedule of an end buyer.
  3. Enhanced Support — answers to your support request within 12 business hours.
  4. For those of you who have issues working with customers because of AB5, we will have you covered as well.

This subscription is offered at $119 per year.

If you sign up before April 15th you will get:

  • 25% discount, so you only pay $89 per year
  • we will top up your Smartcat balance with $40 that you can spend on the Machine Translation engine of your choice or opt for our OCR service

So the effective cost for you will be $49 per year. Plus, within the next 6 months, we will add some exciting features to help you acquire new customers that will be available to you for free.

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