Disruptive Trends in Multimedia Localization, Speech-to-Text, and Video Streaming

May 27, 2021

34 min

video translationtrends

YouTube is the second most popular website on the internet, and according to Hubspot, 3 in every 4 millennials watch at least one video per day. Video has never been more popular. This rise in demand and consumption presents a major challenge for video localisation. The latest trends suggest AI and Machine Learning (ML) will take over the localisation industry. The ever-increasing interest in speech-to-text and live captioning support this. But is it for the greater good? Will it replace human translation or limit the need for human translators? This presentation will talk about how sophisticated AI tools have become, and how advanced they will get in the future. Watch top multimedia localisation insights from the latest of our industry events.

Alex Chernenko

Alex Chernenko