Translation and Transcreation: Diversifying your Services

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Webinar Hosted by: CIOL

Oct 29, 2021


In this presentation, we will introduce ourselves into the world of transcreation This relatively new term, visibly coined from “translation” and “creation,” is being heard more and more often. But what exactly are we, linguists, supposed to do when this is requested? What do our clients expect? And what about their clients? We will define transcreation from both the point of view of the clients and the translators. We will cover the scope analysis of a transcreation project, including important considerations regarding the marketing mix and the transcreation brief, and all the questions that need to be asked before starting in order to ensure success. We will also suggest a process to approach transcreation, and review the related terminology generally used to refer to it. After that, we will discuss practical steps to complete a transcreation project, as well as ideas about how to charge for it. Finally, we will take a look at the potential risks we will face when accepting a transcreation project, and how to mitigate them. After this presentation, translators will have gained insight into transcreation as a language service and as a process, and will be able to feel more confident with it.

The key takeaways:

  • Understanding transcreation from both the client's and the translator's viewpoint

  • Understanding the transcreation process

  • Understanding the transcreation process

Speaker Gabriela Lemoine, founder and director of Accentus Language Services