Automating project translation with Smartcat’s Autopilot

Every enterprise wants to harness the power of the Smartcat Marketplace without taking risks or additional liabilities. This is why we launched Autopilot, the project management automation technology, supervised by humans.

Once enabled, Autopilot will automatically select suppliers based on your project requirements and budget, assign them to projects, track the project progress to ensure deadlines are met, cut periodic payments for continuous projects, and even monitor the quality of translations!

When necessary, it signals copilots (our certified human supervisors) to intervene. Copilots also handle requests from clients to reconfigure the system or perform manual tasks and guarantee 24/7 project progress monitoring to make sure everything runs smoothly and measures are taken if there are any issues.

Each time a segment is manually translated, reviewed or edited by anyone who was assigned to the segment, in a project that had Autopilot enabled at the moment of that change, Smartcat counts the number of source words in that segment towards the Autopilot monthly quota.

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A step-by-step guide to website localization

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