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Ivaylo Ivanov

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Translation services

English  — Bulgarian Native language

IT and telecom Software Technical and engineering Tourism and travel Website Industrial automation Gaming

Personal Details

Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 09:08 am
Native language
Work experience
20 years 9 months
About me
Experienced full-time freelance translator, specialized in software, app and web localization


Sofia University

  • 2001
  • Bulgaria
  • Master
  • English Language & Literature, Specialization in Translation

Work experience

Full-time freelance translator in translated.BG
from 2006 to Present
Freelance translator on projects in the field of IT, telecommunications, medical instruments, software localization, home appliances, acting independently or as part of a larger team. Among my end clients are Airbnb, Microsoft, Adobe, Google, Apple, Siemens, Motorola, Sony, Nuance, Sony Ericsson, Toshiba, etc. Duties: Translate, copy edit, and/or proofread texts, software, documents and/or other materials supplied by clients on a freelance basis