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Smartcat uses a disruptive business model in the $50b language industry, connecting it to a market network where buyers and suppliers can connect, collaborate, and leverage our free-to-use workflow SaaS platform. We’re developing an online environment with professional translation tools offering comprehensive functionality which allows users to automate the translation process as well as related processes, such as:

  • CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tool aka Editor

  • Supplier selection and evaluation (Marketplace)

  • Integration with third-party content sources

  • Client management & team management (CRM functionality)

  • Supplier payments and invoicing

Our development process involves a variety of challenging tasks such as extracting translatable text from files and collecting translation quality metrics data. Ensuring the services our platform offers remain scalable and resilient is a challenge in itself.

What do we have now?

  • AWS cloud hosting, a dozen services of varying degrees of load

  • MongoDB-loaded shard cluster for several servers, PostgreSQL is also used but to a lesser extent

  • Elasticsearch cluster, indexes on several billion documents

  • ELK (EFK) for collecting logs, Prometheus and Grafana for metrics and monitoring

  • Migration from a Windows hosting to a Kubernetes cluster

  • CI/CD chains on a wide variety of tools including TeamCity, Octopus Deploy

Your mission:

Your mission is to build and lead a team to continue improving the stability and robustness of our systems as well as related staging/production infrastructure.

The ultimate goal is to make our deployments state-of-the-art, cost-effective, fault-tolerant, constantly monitored, and easily maintainable.

Your outcomes:

1) Build a team of A+ players in 3 months. You will need to work with the existing team as a mentor to make sure that your team is growing as well as better cover the team responsibility zone.

2) Lead the improvement and support of the product development infrastructure:Work in-office or remotely. The office is located just 7 minutes walk from the “Otradnoe” metro station.

  • Build metrics for CI/CD processes

  • Improve the reliability of the CI/CD pipeline

  • Find bottlenecks and optimize deployment and build time

  • Build quality gateways together with the QA lead

3) Ensure uninterrupted operation of the company’s servers and applications (at least 99.9% availability).


  • Develop and automate of the existing CI/CD infrastructure on a complex project

  • Continuously improve our systems’ stability, robustness and load balancing

  • Support the migration of services to a Kubernetes cluster as well as its operation

  • Identify bottlenecks and bugs, devise solutions for these problems

  • Maintain and improve our monitoring and warning systems

  • Provide training, guidance, and mentorship to team members

  • Сollaborate with other team leads and departments (devs, QA, etc.) and help them solve problems

  • Provide administrative support to the company’s employees in terms of providing access


  • Hands-on experience (leading role or co-pilot) with DevOps practices: building a complex CI/CD pipeline, implementing IaC, implementing various deployment strategies

  • Excellent knowledge and practical experience in deploying and managing virtual machines (Ansible, Puppet, Terraform, etc.) as well as containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

  • Experience in operational support of large scalable cloud applications (AWS, Azure, GCP)

  • Knowledge of Linux at the system administrator level

  • Experience in setting up Prometheus and Grafana monitoring systems will be a big plus

  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills

  • Willingness to learn and gain experience working with the product and people

  • Written and spoken English will be a huge plus

  • Integrity, full commitment, and a strong sense of ownership

  • Readiness to work in a highly intense startup environment, requiring extreme focus, a sense of urgency, and persistence to break through

  • Openness to feedback and different opinions and ideas (growth-oriented mindset), easy-going attitude and high tolerance to cultural differences

Why joining Smartcat might be your best move so far:

  • Gain experience with a loaded application consisting of dozens of servers, a large MongoDB cluster including more than 30 servers with over a billion records.

  • Apply any modern technologies and DevOps approaches as long as you can justify their value, advantage, and return on investment.

  • Play a key role in the upgrading of our complex high-load application, contribute to the development of its architecture and infrastructure, and most importantly, see the results in action in Smartcat’s live application with real users.

  • The rise of the content economy is causing a massive shift in the language industry. All today’s megatrends — big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning — are converging in it at lightning speed. Smartcat’s disruptive business model taps into this $50b industry with a market network where buyers and suppliers connect, collaborate, and leverage our free-to-use workflow SaaS. The next decade will be the era of market networks and reinventing the $10 trillion service economy, and we’re pioneering this global transformation in all things language-related.

  • You will enjoy building with us. You will drive change in an old-fashioned global language industry while improving the work of hundreds of thousands of people, and helping millions of people exchange knowledge and ideas all around the world.

  • We are a global team of 100+ enthusiastic people, with hubs in Boston, Amsterdam, Limassol, Moscow, and Hong Kong — and our users and partners are scattered all around the globe. We’re eager to succeed and transform the world of language services for the better. We grow aggressively while preserving our culture of empathy. As diverse as we are, we love working and having fun together, and we’re sure you’ll love working with us too.

  • Smartcat is backed by Matrix Partners, FJ Labs, and other top VC firms focusing on SaaS and marketplace startups (you might recognize names like HubSpot, Zendesk, Uber, Stripe, RigUp and Quora in their portfolios). This helps us innovate at a fast pace and learn from top professionals in other industries.

Additional benefits:

  • Employment in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

  • Gym within walking distance of the workplace.

  • Work in-office or remotely. The office is located just 7 minutes walk from the “Otradnoe” metro station.

  • Flexible work schedule.

  • Interesting tasks, the opportunity to work as part of our international team including more than 100+ professionals located around the world in places like Boston, Amsterdam, Limassol, Istanbul, and Moscow.

  • We encourage ambitious thinking. Your professional growth and financial reward will depend solely on your efforts and abilities.

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