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Immediate Quotation for Files

Smartcat knows that one of the biggest pains and time vortexes that a Project Manager can face is when they need to get a quotation (or many quotations) assessed, produced and delivered to their clients and prospects. Especially when there’s a deadline to get everything done.

It can happen anytime, either Monday morning after returning from the weekend, or simply a midday rush, but what remains the same throughout the situation irrespective of when it happens is that you usually don’t have the luxury of time to get it done and you have to produce your quotations quickly.

Smartcat, has created a dedicated page enabling Project Managers, like you to avoid the rigamarole of endless manual steps, or popping in and out and back and forth between given toolsets to produce the quote.

With our page, all you need are the files (or word count). You can just drop files into a form, fill in a (very) few fields, and voilà. You have a quotation.

Free to use, as many times as you like, no restrictions.