Automatic billing

It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to calculate the cost of a single translator’s work.

If you have a team of ten translators, however, you’ll have to spend two-and-a-half hours doing the math.

Smartcat, on the other hand, gives you precise calculations instantly.

Precise calculations instantly in Smartcat
No more switching between emails, files and calculator

No more switching between emails, files and calculator.

All the figures are up-to-date and readily available

All the figures are up-to-date and readily available.

Forget about late payments and time spent double-checking

Forget about late payments and time spent double-checking.

Simple yet flexible

In Smartcat, the number of payable words may vary depending on:

  • the use of translation memory;
  • the number of in-text repetitions;
  • net rates.

By creating net rates you can set discounts. For instance, you can specify in it that repetitions are not paid, while 90% matches are calculated with a 30% discount. TM match percentage represents the degree of match between the source document segment and a translation memory segment. You can create different net rates for different clients and projects.

The Statistics page shows the word count, character count, and the number of pages in a document.

Smartcat - Simple yet flexible

Your project at your fingertips

In projects where multiple translators are involved changes may sometimes occur, requiring the project manager to reassign the tasks. For example, more content or an updated TM may be added. Whatever happens, you will know exactly who translated how many words.

You can set different permissions to access in Smartcat

You can set different permissions to access the financial information for different users.

You can view the amount of work completed in Smartcat

You can view the amount of work completed and its cost at any moment.

Smartcat - Your project at your fingertips

Pay on time and hassle-free

You can easily pay all your freelancers in a single transaction by wire transfer, or any other available method. We will make sure each freelancer receives the money in full and without delay. Learn more →

Stress-free payments without borders

What you get

Instant and accurate cost calculations

A simple and convenient way to pay your whole team

What you get in Smartcat

So, with 10 freelancers working on 15 projects you’d be spending 5 days per month, or 60 days per year on calculations. That’s almost how long it took Columbus to sail across the Atlantic and discover America.

Why not invest this time into growing your business or, like Columbus, exciting travels!!