Receive payments from abroad at record-low rates
Receive payments from abroad at record-low rates
Request payments from your customers right in Smartcat and withdraw them using multiple methods.

Why receive payments via Smartcat

Record-low rates

Wherever you are and wherever your customer is, get paid easily and at record-low rates.

Any job

Translation? Interpreting? Copywriting? Any language industry-related job can be paid for via Smartcat.

One place for all payments

Whether you found a customer on the platform or elsewhere, you can request payments from them via Smartcat.

How much does it cost?

The service is free for your customers: They pay the exact
amount you request.

Our withdrawal fees


From any country to US or EU — free to a bank account

China, Turkey, India, UK, Australia

From any country to China, Turkey, India, UK and Australia: ~$1 to a bank account

Other countries

From any country to any country — $3 max., check with our for details

Let’s compare


Wire transfer fees — often taken from the recipient’s share — are $20–100 depending on your location.


PayPal withdrawals cost 3–8%, depending on your location and account type.


Free to US/EU, $1 for most destinations, $3 tops.

How it works

It’s super-simple: You just fill out a short form with the job
Request payment
Request payment
Enter details
Enter details
Get money
Get money
After that, Smartcat invites your customer to sign up — unless they’ve already done that — and pay your invoice by card or wire transfer. Smartcat takes no commission from customers for this.

When the customer pays, the money is instantly added to your balance, and you can withdraw it via your bank card or bank account anywhere in the world.

Receive payments from abroad at record-low rates